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Maximum Temperature Last 24h. 07/04/2020 at 04:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (United States) 72278 105.1°F
2 Del Rio, Del Rio International Airport (United States) 72261 102.9°F
3 El Paso, El Paso International Airport (United States) 72270 102.9°F
4 Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport (United States) 72386 102.9°F
5 Junction, Kimble County Airport (United States) 74740 100.9°F
6 Roswell, Roswell Industrial Air Center Airport (United States) 72268 100.9°F
7 Tucson, Az (United States) 72274 100.9°F
8 Waco, Waco Regional Airport (United States) 72256 100.0°F
9 Austin/Cty, Tx. (United States) 72254 99.0°F
10 San Angelo, Mathis Field (United States) 72263 99.0°F
11 San Antonio, San Antonio International Airport (United States) 72253 99.0°F
12 Truth Or Consequences, Truth Or Consequences Municipal Airport (United States) 72271 99.0°F
13 Bishop, Bishop Airport (United States) 72480 98.1°F
14 Dallas / Fort Worth, Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (United States) 72259 98.1°F
15 Flint, Bishop International Airport (United States) 72637 98.1°F
16 Fort Smith, Fort Smith Regional Airport (United States) 72344 98.1°F
17 Midland, Midland International Airport (United States) 72265 98.1°F
18 Scottsbluff, Heilig Field (United States) 72566 98.1°F
19 Victoria, Victoria Regional Airport (United States) 72255 98.1°F
20 Wallops Island, Wallops Flight Facility Airport (United States) 72402 98.1°F
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

Minimum Temperature Last 24h. 07/04/2020 at 04:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Gulkana, Gulkana Airport (United States) 70271 37.9°F
2 Craig, Craig-Moffat Airport (United States) 72570 39.0°F
3 Bettles, Bettles Airport (United States) 70174 39.9°F
4 Nome, Nome Airport (United States) 70200 41.0°F
5 Delta Junction/Ft Greely, Allen Army Airfield (United States) 70267 43.0°F
6 Yakutat (United States) 70361 43.0°F
7 Havre, Havre City-County Airport (United States) 72777 44.1°F
8 Shemya, Eareckson As (United States) 70414 44.1°F
9 Adak Island, Adak Airport (United States) 70454 45.0°F
10 Burns, Burns Municipal Airport (United States) 72683 45.0°F
11 Fairbanks, Fairbanks International Airport (United States) 70261 45.0°F
12 Missoula, Missoula International Airport (United States) 72773 45.0°F
13 Winnemucca, Winnemucca Municipal Airport (United States) 72583 45.0°F
14 Yakima, Yakima Air Terminal (United States) 72781 45.0°F
15 Talkeetna, Talkeetna Airport (United States) 70251 46.0°F
16 Bethel, Bethel Airport (United States) 70219 46.9°F
17 Kotzebue, Ralph Wien Memorial Airport (United States) 70133 46.9°F
18 Alamosa, San Luis Valley Regional Airport (United States) 72462 48.0°F
19 Juneau, Juneau International Airport (United States) 70381 48.0°F
20 Aniak, Aniak Airport (United States) 70232 48.9°F
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

Maximum Precipitation Last 24h. 07/04/2020 at 04:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Bridgeport, Sikorsky Memorial Airport (United States) 72504 3.98 in
2 Lake Charles, Lake Charles Regional Airport (United States) 72240 1.65 in
3 Beaumont / Port Arthur, Southeast Texas Regional Airport (United States) 72241 0.94 in
4 Norfolk, Stefan Memorial Airport (United States) 72556 0.79 in
5 Shreveport, Shreveport Regional Airport (United States) 72248 0.65 in
6 Cross City/Cross City A., Fl. (United States) 72212 0.63 in
7 New Orleans, New Orleans International Airport (United States) 72231 0.61 in
8 Albany County Airport, Ny. (United States) 72518 0.52 in
9 Topeka, Philip Billard Municipal Airport (United States) 72456 0.47 in
10 Cold Bay, Cold Bay Airport (United States) 70316 0.43 in
11 Clayton, Clayton Municipal Airpark (United States) 72360 0.43 in
12 New York, Kennedy International Airport (United States) 74486 0.41 in
13 Columbia, Columbia Regional Airport (United States) 72445 0.39 in
14 Concordia, Blosser Municipal Airport (United States) 72458 0.39 in
15 New York, La Guardia Airport (United States) 72503 0.39 in
16 Wichita, Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (United States) 72450 0.31 in
17 Fananu (United States) 91329 0.29 in
18 Valentine, Miller Field (United States) 72567 0.28 in
19 West Palm Beach, Palm Beach International Airport (United States) 72203 0.28 in
20 Williamsport, Williamsport Regional Airport (United States) 72514 0.28 in
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

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